"Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices, and it is money wasted, because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain."

Kevin Mitnick

IT Professional, Web Developer & Security Consultant

E-mail: admin@moshsecurity.com


About Me

   As information security could make concerns for individual users and organizations, I decided to follow information security as my expertise. My major field of education in bachelor of honors degree was information system security. After finishing my bachelor degree, as regards I am fulfill of energy and incentive, I decided to continue my education in master’s degree in field of computer engineering with specialism in information security. From the first step that I have started to gain knowledge and increasing my information in the field of security, I comprehended that my interest is completely in this field. So I had chosen security as my major activities. After passing these many years my experiences and information have been grow up.

   Regarding many researches through security issues and the relation of that with network environment, I had found out that the major problem with security is related to network because there would not be any vulnerability without access to any networks especially internet. So my major activities have been regarding network security. I believe that novice users of computers would be the best target for hackers and attackers.

   Moreover my expertise and skills would not be limited to security issues because in my opinion technology of computer needed to be more specified and a professional in any field of this technology must have enough comprehend and skills in other major parts to have more knowledge regarding this technology.

In the following part I will define some of my major skills through this technology:

Programming languages: JAVA, Visual Basic, Python, C#, HTML, JSP. Net, ...

Operating systems: Windows, Android, Backtrack 5, UNIX, LINUX Database system: Oracle, MySQL, SQL server 2008, Microsoft Access

Applications: Labview National Instrument, Wireshark, Netbeans, Eclipse, Adobe's applications, Nessus, ...

Experiences: Remote Network Design Using Labview, Network Architecture, Website Design and Security, Database Design and Security