"If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked."

Richard Clarke

Network Analyser & Security Consultant

E-mail: info@moshsecurity.com


About Me

As Since I was a child, I had a loved to computer and I have endured all difficulties of studying abroad to reach to my goals and gain new technology in mentioned field. Before starting my education, I believed in this idea that acquiring technical knowledge is better than wasting time at university and learn some academic modules. I was totally wrong when I faced one attack and I could not do anything because of lacking academic knowledge. However, I left my job and start to study in this field.

While the time was going on, I understood that one of the most vital issues in computer science is security. In addition, knowledge regarding how to secure the infrastructure and how to prevent from facing to any online threats and attacks becomes the significant matter of todays. Moreover, I am holding bachelor of honors degree in information technology with specialism in Information System Security and student of master degree in computer engineering in security field. Undoubtedly, relation between major of my education and this website which is completely about security could blossom my ideas well. Beside this, another essential reason why I started to prepare this website with my friends is that we think; now we are on the stage that we can transfer technically our knowledge to vulnerable infrastructure to stop being compromised. Although in this way, we will face a lot of difficulties but we have to attempt more and more. Ultimately, my friends and I publish this website to provide solution for anyone or any organizations to protect them from all dangers which are located around them. Some of my experiences and skills are listed below:

Security analyzer and consultant for web, operation system and network

Programming languages: Java, Visual Basic, Python, C#, HTML, JSP. Net, ...

Operating systems: Windows, Android, Backtrack 5, UNIX, LINUX Windows, Backtarck 5 and Ubuntu, Mobile Computing

Applications: Labview National Labview, Wireshark, Nessus, Nmap, Adobe's application

Experiences: Oracle 10g and 11g Express Edition and SQL server 2008, Network architecture and administration